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Sponsorship packages start as low as $25 per month

Brain Train Nation Podcasts are downloaded in over 150 countries worldwide. Our listener base consist of a large number of executives and managers that are decisions-makers within their respective organizations. This reach of decision makers, coupled with the personalized nature of podcast media (which on average have a 20% marketing engagement rate) provide an exceptional opportunity for you as a sponsor to achieve extensive awareness for your company’s products and/or services. Contact us for circulation details on individual shows.

Brain Train Nation Podcasts sponsorship packages provide an option for 10% or more investment into paid circulation boosting on social media channels. Packages for sponsorship on our podcast are priced based on the listener trends in the table below. Listener engagement shown below is related to active engagement for an average podcast. The red line does not directly represent play time nor is a direct percentage of the amount of total listeners, but a combination of factors leading to overall attentiveness. This could effectively be described as how well the listener absorbs material over the length of a podcast.

Meg Thompson & Melissa Hergert

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This episode sponsorship gives you access to the public posted YouTube video content which must be maintained in its entirety. Also, embed-code of players for Audio and Video are available for direct posting to websites, of the show content hosted on LCO media channels.

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