Neurofeedback Therapy

Memory Loss

Enhance memory, address memory loss, and optimize brain function through neurofeedback and brain mapping in Marietta, GA.

Neurofeedback trains the brain, a breakthrough process that has helped thousands of people. Neurofeedback helps memory loss patients recover their lost memories while also improving their ability to function more effectively in the present. Brain Train Centers offers neurofeedback sessions for memory loss patients using state-of-the-art equipment. Call our offices to learn more about how Neurofeedback can help you recover lost memories and function effectively in the present.

What can cause Memory Loss

Memory loss can be caused by a number of things, such a head trauma, cases of amnesia, Alzheimer’s, and others. No matter what the cause of memory loss, neurofeedback can help. 

How Neurofeedback can help with memory loss?

Neurofeedback is a unique way to help recover from memory loss. Neurofeedback works by providing the brain with realtime feedback about its electrical activity. As a person learns more and more about his/her brain waves, they can begin to intentionally change them. Normally this ability is learned during childhood but with age it becomes harder to consciously alter the brain’s electrical patterns. Neurofeedback enables people to regain this ability and influence their own activity in areas of the brain linked to memory and concentration.