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Brain Train Centers is a BCIA Board-Certified proud provider of Neurofeedback Therapy, commonly known as Brain Training. With over 10 years in business, 20 offices across the United States, and nearly 50 5-star Google reviews, we have the capabilities and experience to provide optimal Neurofeedback and Biofeedback Services to fit you and your family’s brain health needs.

Making Healthy Brain Waves across the Nation

Brain Train Centers is the fastest growing Neurofeedback Provider in the Nation!


Through the power of neurofeedback, we optimize brain health and wellness. By providing education we transform lives with compassionate care.


Healing peoples lives one brain at a time.

Core Values

Integrity, Compassion, Innovative, Holistic


Imagine starting a business with a 4k student loan and a passion to help the community heal their brain health and provide a service to improve mental services across Marietta, Ga …

Well, that’s exactly how it started in 2016. A woman with a vision and undeniable grit to make it happen. A mother of two girls she set out to change one individual’s life at a time. As the years, progressed she had to expand with the overwhelming demand of neurofeedback services from other communities. She knew she couldn’t do it alone and that’s when Brain Train Centers was born.

In 2019, not only were 4 offices running from Georgia to San Diego to the North East, others showed interest from across the country to provide quality neurofeedback side by side with Melissa Hergert. The business had no other option but to expand. One by one, over 2022 and 2023, offices started opening, from Hawaii to Texas to Florida and everywhere in between.

Today, there are over 21 office locations and on average 1 opening every month and half. The partners of Brain Train Centers have a shared mission and vision to change the lives of one person at a time through compassionate care and education about Brain and Mental Health.

Melissa Hergert Brain Train Centers

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At Brain Train Centers, we are proud to offer qualified partners a chance to become a Certified Brain Coach for your own clients. Untap your potential and come aboard the Brain Train Nation!