Brain Training; The Future of Pschiachitric Treatment?
January 26, 2024 | The path to a healthy brain requires knowledge and self awareness which is achieved through neurofeedback.
Author: McCall Prentince, Certified Brain Health Coach and Owner of: Brain Train Centers Haleiwa, Hawaii and Brain Train Centers Honolulu, Hawaii

Can you imagine improving your brain health by playing a video game instead of relying on medication or therapy?

Well, that’s becoming a possibility thanks to the advancements in neurofeedback. This technique allows individuals to modify the way their brains function by receiving personalized feedback on their natural brain activity.
In the realm of treating neurological and psychiatric disorders, like ADHD in children, neurofeedback is proving to be a promising method.
By understanding the differences between a focused and unfocused brain, researchers and clinicians are exploring the potential of using neurofeedback training to help children achieve a state of enhanced focus.

Are you intreseted in learning about you or your family’s brain and mental health?

You can understand how you and your child’s brain is functioning by getting a brain map at a local Neurofeedback office to understand how to improve your child’s emotional, cognitive, behavioral, and overall brain health.

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